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"Working to Restore and Conserve Quality Game Bird Resources in Idaho"

Idaho Bird Hunters | P. O. Box 6412 Boise, Idaho, USA 83707

Our History

Since our founding in 1981, Idaho Bird Hunters (IBH) has served as a statewide, non-profit, non-partisan organization concerned with conserving, enhancing and restoring game bird resources and sustaining quality outdoor recreation opportunities. IBH is a private citizenˇ¦s organization of members who share a concern about the future of game bird hunting and Idahoˇ¦s natural resources. IBH is an affiliate of the Idaho Wildlife Federation, one of the largest statewide conservation organizations.



Some of Idaho Bird Hunters Accomplishments Include:

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Idaho Bird Hunters
P. O. Box 6412
Boise, Idaho, USA 83707

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A private citizenˇ¦s non-profit wildlife educational organization
(IRS 501-C3) affiliated with the Idaho Wildlife Federation

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