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Ongoing projects, goals, and events

The Owyhee Initiative

The Owyhee Initiative "A Briefing Paper"

Grazing Use on Public Lands in Owyhee County, Idaho

Livestock Grazing Resolution 04/03/04"

Sage grouse / sharptail recovery

Mountain quail recovery studies

Upland game bird habitat improvement/ bird populations enhancement

Andrus wildlife management area habitat plantings

Habitat improvement on private ranches

Involvement with BLM in land management plans in the lower Snake district and the Owyhee resource area

Teamwork with other relevant organizations

Brood sightings records

Preparing grant proposals

Supervising youth hunts

Defining and teaching hunting ethics

Understanding our hunting heritage

Seminars / programs

Learning and refining outdoor skills

Fund raising events

Monthly newsletters / progress reports

Monthly meetings

Family gatherings for picnics, habitat plantings, and other activities

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Web Resources

Sage Grouse
National Wildlife Federation

1999 Summary of northern sage grouse status conference Boise, Idaho

RangeNet Project

Greater sage grouse photos

Sharptail Grouse
Grouse species

Upland game identification ・ Sharptail

Geo zoo

The hunting network ・ upland birds

Living Landscapes ・ endangered species and spaces

Mountain Quail
The game bird & waterfowl pages

Great backyard bird count

The quail place

Western Watersheds Project

Habitat Improvement Program (HIP)
Idaho Fish and Game ・ HIP

Quail Unlimited ・ habitat information

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife ・ along the Snake River

Wildlife Grants
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

Idaho Fish and Wildlife Foundation

Hunter Education
Idaho hunter/bowhunter education classes

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