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Our mission is to protect our privilege to hunt, fish and our right to enjoy Idaho's public lands and wildlife resources. Through legal and civil means, we will become vocal, stand up for our heritage, present our views, and oppose those who wish to significantly weaken or eliminate our hunting and fishing privileges in Idaho.

The Idaho Wildlife Council is a coalition of Idaho hunting, fishing and trapping organizations who work toward ensuring the future of Idaho・s wildlife and toward maintaining Idaho's hunting and fishing heritage. Members want our state・s wildlife professionals to manage our wildlife as they are hired to do with no other political agenda than to do their jobs according to biological science. To this end we will fight any group or individual with an opposing agenda to wildlife management views where fishing and hunting is an integral part of the goals towards healthy ecological systems.

We fully recognize the rights of other groups in Idaho to also legally and respectfully stand up for their views on Idaho・s hunting and fishing.

Join us in protecting Idaho's hunting and fishing heritage and stopping radical anti-hunting groups now!

Idaho's Hunting Heritage
We Need Your Help!
Idaho's hunting and fishing heritage has come under attack.
We must all continue to unite to preserve and sustain Idaho's great outdoor resources.
Because various organizations were united, they helped Idaho be the first to defeat an anti-hunting group・s initiative (the Bear Initiative) in 1996. We can feel very proud of that, but we must be ready to fight again.
The Idaho Wildlife Council needs volunteers to spend their time, labor and money to protect a way of life that was a major part of our forefathers' life and their fathers・ before them. This is not just about hunting and fishing for us, it is about hunting and fishing for our children and their children.
Do not sit back and wait for someone else to do it! Call us to find out what YOU can do! Send a contribution of $10, $20, $50 or whatever you can. It is vital!

IWC Goals

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